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Moto Vision offers you a wide range of stopwatches, to know with precision your different times on the circuits of your choice. When you get on your motorcycle, especially if you are riding on the track, it is imperative that you have a good stopwatch in order to know your time and thus be able to assess your performance.

In our online store, you will find different models of chronometers from the most precise and completely waterproof to the simplest, infrared and inexpensive. These stopwatches are suitable for use in competition and allow the integration of multiple intermediate times, in order to add up the reference times on the same course. You will also find sensors for speed, inclination measurement and data acquisition, in order to have ever more precise data. These High Tech products can be used on track, cross country and why not on the road thanks to their onboard GPS. The most innovative now offer mobile applications for ever more ease of use. You will therefore find all Starlane Corsaro chronos, the Speedangle Apex and cheap infrared stopwatches.