Set of rear brake pads Typ "endurance" ZCOO ZRM-T005EX-C

Racing pads for use on a closed circuit.

Japanese know-how at the service of endurance and performance

To match all your expectations in terms of braking performance, ZCOO pads are available in 2 distinct ranges, EX (speed) and Type C (endurance).

Sold by set of 2 pads for 1 stirrup.

Equivalence : Brembo Z04 107A48648 - Brembo Z03 107A48668 - BREMBO 07HO50.. - SBS 809 - GPXPH 342 - AP racing LMP409…

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This product is compatible with :

HONDA1000CB 1000 R2017
HONDA1000CB 1000 R2018
HONDA1000CB 1000 R2019
HONDA1000CB 1000 R2009
HONDA1000CB 1000 R2010
HONDA1000CB 1000 R2011
HONDA1000CB 1000 R2012
HONDA1000CB 1000 R2013
HONDA1000CB 1000 R2014
HONDA1000CB 1000 R2015
HONDA1000CB 1000 R2016
HONDA1000CBR / RR2008
HONDA1000CBR / RR2009
HONDA1000CBR / RR2010
HONDA1000CBR / RR2011
HONDA1000CBR / RR2012
HONDA1000CBR / RR2013
HONDA1000CBR / RR2014
HONDA1000CBR / RR2015
HONDA1000CBR / RR2016
HONDA600CBR / RR2005
HONDA600CBR / RR2006
HONDA600CBR / RR2007
HONDA600CBR / RR2008
HONDA600CBR / RR2009
HONDA600CBR / RR2010
HONDA600CBR / RR2011
HONDA600CBR / RR2012
HONDA600CBR / RR2013
HONDA600CBR / RR2014
HONDA600CBR / RR2015
HONDA600CBR / RR2016
HONDA600CBR / RR2017

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Racing pads for use on a closed circuit.

Do not be surprised during your first braking, we can say that this product is biting!


ZCOO brake pads are produced in Japan thanks to a unique know-how in the world, which offers unrivaled quality of performance.
These sintered inserts are based on ceramic, they provide consistency and endurance combined with perfect braking control.

To match all your expectations in terms of braking performance, ZCOO pads are available in 2 distinct ranges, EX (speed) and Type C (endurance).


The Speed ??EX range:

The speed range is now used in the biggest world championships thanks to its constant hot braking performance. Its braking force is impressive and it has the advantage of not damaging the brake disc for optimum use throughout the race.


The Endurance C range:

On the same basis as the speed range, the endurance range does not lack braking bite but it guarantees you a better longevity and power.

Already visible in Endurance Team in all major leagues.




These pads are intended for use on the track.

It is important to take 5 to 6 lap to preheat your pads for optimum use.

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