The consumer has a 10 working days deadline to turn over, with his expenses, the products not agreeing to him.  This time court as from the day of the delivery of the ordering of the consumer.  If this deadline expires one Saturday, one Sunday or a public holiday or been unemployed, it is extended until the first next working day.  Any return will have to be announced as a preliminary near the Customer service of the supplier:  by mail or while connecting you on our site in the heading "follow your order" where, after having entered your number of customer, you will be able to obtain your number of order.  The product will have to be turned over in Colissimo  to the supplier to the address for the return of the products mentioned at the beginning of this document.
Only will be taken again the products returned as a whole, in their packing of origin complete and intact, and in a perfect state of resale.  Very product which will have been damaged, or whose packing of origin will have been deteriorated, neither will be refunded nor exchanged.  This right of retractation is exerted without penalty, except for the expenses of return.  On the assumption of the exercise of the right of retractation, the consumer has the choice to ask either for the refunding of the paid sums, or the exchange of the product.  In the case of an exchange, Re-forwarding will be done with the expenses of the consumer.  In the event of exercise of the right of retractation, the supplier will make all the efforts to refund the consumer within 15 day.  However, taking into account the technical character of the market products, this time could be extended to 30 days, in particular when the product needs a technical checking (cf produced having to be tested as a preliminary).  The consumer will then be refunded by recrédit of his bank account (protected transaction) in the event of payment by bank card, or cheque in the other cases.