Tyres warmers Capit® Suprema Léo 90/17 120/16-17 S-M

Tyres warmers Capit® Suprema LEo 90/17 - 120/16-17

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Efficient and advanced tyre heating - the first tye warmers in the world without a thermostat inside.

- Very easy to use

Digital Controller

  • DIGITAL management of temperature of very high precisione and with a stability of reference thanks to the use of the most advanced technology. We are one of the very few companies able to offer the management of tyrewarmers and of their temperatures through a control box, which guarantees high performancs and offer the possibility to hace graphics and diagrams of system.
  • HEAD SPREADER fabric (internal fabric, highly conductive, realised with precious metal alloys) able to diffuse perfectly the heat and reduced drastically the consumption of electricity, thanks to the best thermal efficiency. Included in all our models.

Better grip - Until tyres get up to the correct temperature, they are inflexible and the lack of grip can lead to sliding or even a crash. Going out on tyres at the correct temperature will give you better grip and confidence turning the bike into corners, accelerating progressively and allow you to be more in control.

Your great new performance - By going out on preheated tyres, you will be able to put in faster lap times more quickly. For racers this saves valuable seconds and places in the first few laps. Track day enthusiasts will get more out of their day by not wasting up to 50% of their valuable laps warming up cold tyres.

Make your tyres last longer - Warming up tyres on the road/track as opposed to going out with preheated tyres results in surface rubber being removed as the temperature rises. The discarded surface rubber forms little balls at the working edge. This Cold Tearing or Cold Shredding reduces the life of the tyre. Tyre warmers can pay for themselves by saving you the cost of several sets of tyres per season.

• CE certification. rohs compliant. other certifications can be obtained if necessary to face your market.
• Nylon bag.
From the above characteristics we understand that it is not Chinese product, but of an tyrewarmers is extremely professional, even if affordable price.

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