FORK SEALS MGR-RSD 35x47x9,5/10,5

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Joint high quality fork spy

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Inviato il 19/01/2021, Consegnato il 26/01/2021


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Ce produit est compatible avec :

BMW1200K 1200 RS1997
BMW1200K 1200 RS1998
BMW1200K 1200 RS1999
BMW1200K 1200 RS2000

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Ideal in case of leakage or to refurbish your fork. With ATHENA Racing, we offer this pair of reinforced joints spy. Already have a great reputation in the world of joint ATHENA has on product quality that accompanies it.
A very good price / quality ratio. Always ensure the proper oil level in your fork, it is an element of safety and driving comfort.


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