Set of rear brake pads LMP470CRR

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"The competition is a hard school, where only the best is good enough" is the motto of AP Racing. This British brand is a specialist in high performance braking. By this choice AP RACING is a master in the field.

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Type de plaquetteCarbone

Ce produit est compatible avec :

BMW1000S 1000 R2013
BMW1000S 1000 R2014
BMW1000S 1000 R2015
BMW1000S 1000 R2016
BMW1000S 1000 R2017
BMW1000S 1000 RR2009
BMW1000S 1000 RR2010
BMW1000S 1000 RR2011
BMW1000S 1000 RR2012
BMW1000S 1000 RR2013
BMW1000S 1000 RR2014
BMW1000S 1000 RR2015
BMW1000S 1000 RR2016
BMW1000S 1000 RR2017

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Brake pads ROAD RACING AP Rear Sintered Metal

LMP SR range is specially recommended for "high performance" road use. They are widely used in all categories of sports motorcycles, be it competition or superbike supercross and helped win many Grand Prix and Championship.
Sold per game two plates (for a caliper).

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