Traction kits black STOMPGRIP MV Agusta Brutale 800 / RR ( 17- )

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Stomp Grip Tank Pads for street legal motorcycles and bikes for racing.
Due to the special shape of the knobs tank pads the driver is supported by more grip on the legs in any situation.
More control during acceleration, braking and skew.

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Stomp Grip Traction Pads are developed individually for each motorcycle. If we have no suitable Stomp Grip Pad for your specific application, why not use our Universal pads or cut them as you need it.

-more control between bike and rider
-reduced Fatigue of the arms and the lower body
-ultra clear elastomer material
-under transparent pad the paint and the design remains visible
-black Pads are opaque
-rounded edges, the clothing remains undamaged
-removable without residue by heat-affected
-street legal

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