Pay your order in 3 times !

You want to pay in several times ?

Moto Vision offers you the possibility to pay your order in three times thanks to the 3x payment by credit card with Cofidis.

Pay in 3x by credit card with Cofidis

The solution of payment in 3x by bank card with Cofidis allows you to treat yourself while controlling your budget. This proposal is eligible for baskets of between €100 and €1,500 including tax, with additional charges of 1.5% of the basket.

The first transfer will be cashed directly, the 2nd the following month and the 3rd 2 months later. A 3D Secure authentication is required at the time of payment.

Which bank cards are accepted for this payment method?

The Cofidis payment system accepts all cards except foreign cards, cards with systematic authorisation (Maestro, Electron...), Cirrus cards, e-cards and cards with a validity date of less than 4 months.

What do I need for a Cofidis 3x payment?

Easy and fast, this payment method only requires your bank card with a validity date of more than 3 months. However, you will be asked for a 3D Secure authentication, so don't forget to bring your mobile device.

Why is a 3x purchase refused?

First of all, a refusal is never definitive and is subject to review if it is brought to our attention.

The most frequent reasons are often related to the bank card used, we invite you to check the bank cards accepted by this method of payment.

Other reasons may justify the invalidity of your payment: an incomplete file, an expired identity document, an age restriction (18 years old minimum), incorrect personal data, a file or a bank ban (FICP), ...

What happens if I cancel an order paid for in 3x by credit card?

In the case of a partial cancellation, the amount of your return is used to calculate the amount of the next instalments or to start the procedure for reimbursement of the difference.

In the case of a full cancellation, the amounts deducted are refunded to you or the credit is cancelled if no monthly instalments have yet been deducted.

If you have any other problems with the payment of your order, please contact our customer service.

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