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Front HEL braided brake line hose kit Yamaha YZ250F 2006-2008

Reference HBF9682-AV

Identical replacement to the original system, with 1 front(s) (non-ABS) for perfect track-like braking.

The ABE certification is general, we do not provide motorbike specific certification.

Please note that these hoses are made to order according to your motorbike, the type of mounting and the colour chosen. Any refund of this product will be subject to a 30% discount.

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HEL Performance has more than 30 years of experience in the field of high performance braking in all mechanical fields and is the partner of the biggest teams in the world!During heavy braking, you may feel a spongy sensation due to the expansion of your original hoses. The different HEL aviation hose kits for motorbikes will allow you to reduce this unpleasant feeling and to obtain a perfect braking like on the track.

Characteristics of the motorbike Brake hoses

Hel Performance offers a wide range of aviation hoses for your motorbike, combining performance and safety.The teflon hose is covered with a stainless steel braid which gives it an exceptional longevity. The stainless steel guarantees excellent protection against corrosion and abrasion. A PVC sheath covers the whole thing. The jacket is available in 10 colours and has an anti-UV treatment. Another advantage of these hoses is that they do not deform under hydraulic pressure.When mounting, you can manually orientate the banjos to align them for screwing to the bracket. Screws and washers are also included in the delivery.

More about the company Hel Performance

HEL Performance is a British company that has been specialising in stainless steel aviation hoses for cars and motorbikes for over 35 years. The hoses are guaranteed for life and are DOT, SAE, LTS, ADR, FMVSS-106, ABE approved.You will find ABS and non-ABS kits, to check this information you can refer to the short description at the top of this page or contact our customer service by email or at 03 88 09 29 31.The ABE certification is general, we do not provide specific certification for each motorbike.

Please note, these hoses are made to order according to your motorcycle, the type of assembly and the color chosen. Any reimbursement of this product will therefore be subject to a discount of 30%.

Reference HBF9682-AV
Manufacturer Hel
Position Front
Mounting Type Origin

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